CVMG National adds Virtual Motorcycle Shows

Hello Members. We received an email from Chris Ness, our CVMG National President, announcing the addition of a “Virtual Classic Motorcycle Show” to the National website.

It’s available to Members Only so you will have to login to in order to reach the show.

Here’s the preamble as lifted directly from

“The CVMG 2021 Virtual Classic Motorcycle Show”

The cancellation of the Canadian circuit of winter motorcycle shows has been a disappointment. Many of our CVMG members enjoy a break in the usually monotonous winter by a visit to look at the new motorcycles – and some of the not this old ones in the local CVMG sections displays – and socialize with fellow riders. But year.

A few of us were lamenting the enforced “hibernation” ahead, caused by the necessary COVID-19 restrictions, when the idea arose that if we could have the 2020 CVMG Annual Meeting by means of the Internet connection, could we not have some sort of CVMG “virtual” show on the club’s website? It would not, of course, allow us to socialize directly with one another, but perhaps we could enjoy simply looking at a display of Vintage and Classic motorcycles?

Many years ago the CVMG Museum project had a small on-line gallery of “Motorcycles before the year 1900” on the CVMG web site. So, beginning from that still-available information, here is a start on a “Virtual Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Show” for this Winter of 2020-2021.

Photos and descriptions courtesy Allan Johnson.

Go to the National website at